Last Lullaby

Sleep my love, sleep.
Let the sun soothe your swollen skin
and bask you in yellow light

Sleep my hero, sleep.
Let the moonlight replace your colic mind with shining stalagmites;
each dark thought, a stalagmite.

Don’t stare into nothingness.
If insomnia, fixate your awaken eyes unto my hypnotic gaze,
follow my lips and count until you reach a hundred.

Even if breathless, sleep.
Coordinate your unflinching eyelids
with the muffled beat of your heart,

Even if sideways, sleep.
Adjust your wheezing lungs
until you can’t tell them apart.

I made you sleep,
to kill the pain away.
But have I known you would sleep eternally
I would have never tried to kill the pain so passively,
I would have spilt it over me, and welcomed its electric wash.

Now talk to me, do not imitate your heart.
Even if breathless, even if sideways,
Talk to me.