Psychomotor agitation is unintentional motions of restlessness that attack the body to release mental distress. Examples include rapid talking, moving objects around for no reason, taking off clothes then putting them back on, and pacing back and forth in a room.
I p a c e. Like sticky bee limbs deliver honeyed pollen to sterile flower rims- vowed to populate the world with dandelions and olives.

Anxiety is instinctive.

I p     a   c e. Like Israeli drones hide behind Gazan window sills and color glazed glass- afraid of children’s unwaxed ear drums and motherly intuition.

Anxiety is colonial.

I pace like an unpunctual one-legged worker marches to his job – competing with a time he was born after.

Anxiety is capitalistic.
Teach me how to pace

Like a fluttering dandelion.

Like a cotton bud seduces arching helixes and side burns.

Like a flaneur born despite of time.